1. yo3ggx

    Android Question Select Audio In/Out devices for AudioStreamer

    Hello, Starting with Android 6.0, you can get the available audio input and output devices using AudioDeviceInfo. I'm using the following inline JAVA code to get the list of audio devices. For each in/out audiodevice device I get the name, id and type. #If JAVA import...
  2. S

    iOS Question audio from Ipad doesn't work on android

    Hello. I have a problem. I already created a topic that audio messages on iOS are not played, I solved this problem using the WAV audio files. now the audio that was generated on ios or android works...
  3. N

    Android Question Access AudioRecord Methods

    Hello, I'm trying to access the getBufferSizeInFrames using java object. Here 's the code: Dim joAudioRecord As JavaObject joAudioRecord = joAudioRecord.InitializeStatic("") Dim frames As Int = joAudioRecord.RunMethodJO("getBufferSizeInFrames", Null) Log(frames) But I...