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    Android Question Unexpected behavior of BBListItem

    I don't know if anyone already encountered this. This is just a chat application using BBListItem, I have a customlistview and its listitems contain a BBListItem. floattextfield is used for user input. When the floattextfield is focused, the listview changes its size and the floattextfield...
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    Android Question BBListItem's URL not working accordingly.

    sb.Append(CRLF).Append($"[Span MinWidth=33%x Alignment=center]Delete[/span][Span MinWidth=33%x Alignment=center]Forward[/span]"$).Append(CRLF) sb is a StringBuilder type. The issue is, when I tap the "Forward", there is an instance that I have to tap it 4 to 5 times before it will respond...