bridge installation

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    Android Question Connection issues

    Hi all I am trying to develop a mobile app with my knowledge of VB.NET and MySQL. I have downloaded the B4A IDE to my laptop (Windows 10) and installed Bridge on my Samsung Galaxy S20 (using the instructions here : I am using a Wi-Fi connection. However when I...
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    iOS Question Compile - TimeOut

    Hello! Today I was working normally, until I started to receive this message: I configured the following: Tools> IDE Options> Configure Process Timeout and the problem persists, now I can't compile the B4i Bridge app either. Please help Regards!
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    iOS Question B4I Bridge Terminates Immediately(SOLVED)

    Hi There, B4I Bridge App Terminates at Launch 1. I followed the video tutorial 2. Created a Wild app ID com.appname.* 3. Double checked the UDID for the 2 devices I am using for testing 4. Created provision profiles as in the tutorial 5. Trust certificate installed and enabled...
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    iOS Question Bridge on 2 iPhones

    Hi all. I have an iPhone with Bridge installed, all works fine. but this iPhone doesn't have a sim card. So I can't test my app how it works without w-fi. I have another iPhone with a sim card so my question is - can I install bridge on 2 phones like I do in B4A? Both phones are on the UDID...