1. Pooya1

    Android Code Snippet Check device is Emulator

    Sub IsEmulator As Boolean Private NativeMe As JavaObject NativeMe.InitializeContext Return NativeMe.RunMethod("isEmulator", Null) End Sub #if java import android.os.Build; public boolean isEmulator() { return Build.FINGERPRINT.startsWith("generic") ||...
  2. Sagenut

    Other [SOLVED] Enable Hardware Keyboard in AVD

    Hi! I am trying to enable Hardware Keyboard in AVD created with B4A SDK Manager. By Default it does not work. I tried to modify the hw.keyboard = false in hw.keyboard = true in the config.ini of the emulator files but it still does not work. Is it possible to enable it or the function it's not...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question Good Emulators to debug my App with a Native Library

    Hello, i've been using Genymotion for a long time, but now that I need to use a native library, I can not install the app anymore and have to look for a good alternative. Since my Samsung S7 Edge still does not support Android 8, but I want to prepare the app so slowly on API 26, I need an...
  4. Sagenut

    Other [SOLVED] Error with AVD Manager Android 8.1

    Hi Everyone. I am having problems trying to execute Emulator with Android 8.1 Image. I downloaded everything, or at least I think so: This is the message I get when trying to execute 8.1 Emulator: I can execute 8.00 Emulator Image without problems. I also have a problem executing Android...
  5. E

    Android Question Android Emulator for Window PC

    Hi, I am a newbie to B4A and to android development in general. To start developing I would like to test using an emulator. It seems to be the easier method for development. What do I need to do to install and use an emulator? Which free emulator is recommended for using with B4A? Thanks...
  6. hatzisn

    Android Question Trust anchor for certification path not found.

    Hi everybody, I am facing a problem with accessing a site in Android device and emulator. I get the following error: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException:java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException:Trust anchor for certification path not found. I use the OkHttp and OkHttpUtils2 libraries...