1. Guillermo Manoukian

    Spanish Problemas con compilador

    Hola a todos! Estoy tratando de hacer un ejemplo sencillo de un boton con un messagebox, logre hacerlo funcionar en el IDE, compilo un .jar y no lo puedo hacer correr con el runtime de JAVA, el error es: ver imagen Alguno la tendrá más clara y me puede dar una ayudita. Gracias!
  2. Syd Wright

    Android Question JSON parser problem with WikiData

    I am trying to use the JSON parser on Wikidata JSON files, but I keep getting an error. See this example. What am I doing wrong or is there something wrong with the JSON in Wikidata? Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("", Me)...
  3. C

    Android Question Returning from a Wait For function and getting BadTokenException error

    I am creating a form and then calling a function and getting the system to wait. I'm calling from the form and not a service like this: wait for (GlobalFunctions.ParseCycleCount(lJson,lSAPData)) Complete (Result As Boolean) If Result=True Then btnOK.enabled=True...
  4. C

    Android Question Strange Problem

    I'm developing on two devices and have come across a weird problem. On my my Galaxy Tab A with Android 7, when I run my program, everything appears to run fine, with no errors in the log, but when I run on my ZKC with Andoird 5, I get errors and it doesn't run. Here's the log. It was working...
  5. analizer3816

    Android Question exoplayer error-> invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26

    Hello, I create b4a_exoplayer library from with exoplayer 2.9.0's aar file, compile ok then I use this library in B4A 8.50 1.set min sdk = 16, target sdk = 28 2.set v28 android.jar in configure paths exoplayer release note...
  6. larprogramer

    Android Question why when start new activity error

    ** Activity (trangchu) Pause, UserClosed = true ** ** Activity (hotel) Create, isFirst = false ** ** Activity (hotel) Resume ** Donchanhotel Satri-House-Secret-Retreats-183594421780574 Downsampling image due to lack of memory. Downsampling image due to lack of memory: 2 Downsampling image due to...
  7. K

    Android Question error with customlistview

    java.lang.RuntimeException: android.os.TransactionTooLargeException: data parcel size 1176092 bytes I got this is error on customlistview add and there are only 515 records to load Error log :: java.lang.RuntimeException: android.os.TransactionTooLargeException: data parcel size 1176092 bytes...
  8. U

    iOS Question error check dependencies armv7 arm64

    Hello, this morning I've updated a mac mini I bought. Now it runs High Sierra OS and I installed XCode 9.4. It's the first time I try to compile on a local host. My previous attempts were on the hosted service. I created new compilation settings, certificates, and so on. When I try to compile in...
  9. wizard699

    Android Question ERROR: In <declare-styleable>

    Hi all, I have just updated the suggested libraries with B4A SDK manager and, without having modified anything to my app, I receive the following error during compile phase: ERROR: In <declare-styleable> FontFamilyFont, unable to find android: fontVariationSettings ERROR: In...
  10. bitben

    Android Question B4A SSL Handshake Error

    Hello, yes i know there are many threads about this, but i have found no solution to my - i think - special problem. I need to connect to this url: There is no need to install an sec. certificate, i can load it and login in chrome without certificate...
  11. O

    Android Question App Abort Execution Library RuntimePermissions

    Good Nigth I have the following problem (B4A 8.30): My application aborts the execution when executing these statements in Release mode If rp.Check (rp.PERMISSION_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) = False Then rp.CheckAndRequest (rp.PERMISSION_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) End If If rp.Check...
  12. wizard699

    Android Question Error Orientation with ANDROID 8 Api 26

    On some smartphone wit API 26 and Android 8, the app close reporting in log this error Caused by java.lang.IllegalStateException: Only fullscreen opaque activities can request orientation ( in.raguso.educom.main.onCreate (
  13. Sagenut

    Android Question Android 28 Emulator Error - Does not start

    Hi. I have installed the new SDK Manager 3.29 Downloaded the new Android 28 Image, same as all previous Android Versions. The image is correctly detected and let me create a new AVD using the Android 28 Image. But when trying to launch it: Can this be related to the Google Emulator Engine...
  14. DactilPlus

    Android Question Error when I use RuntimePermissions

    I have a app, running one year ago, but now I put targetSDKversion to 26. Now I need get permision for location (access_fine_location) with RuntimePermissions, but when I use this library it gives me this error with a lot of gmaps functions. objects Latlng, camperaposition ... B4A Versión...
  15. Edson Freire

    Java Question SLC: "package ... does not exist"

    Hello, I trying to compile a library with SLC but I got this error and these files actually exists. Can anyone help me?
  16. Mikel Huerta

    Spanish Problema con Cursores que estan enlazados

    Amigos del foro , por favor una ayuda con esto que de plano o es el sueño o el cansancio o soy muy tonto. Tengo tres variables Cursor : dim C1, C2, C3 as Cursor , abajo en alguna sub tengo : Sub Funcion1 C1=C2 end sub y luego en otra tengo Sub Funcion2 C3=C2 End sub Lo que me pasa es...
  17. A

    Android Question Error opening Designer

    I have spend a long time designing 2 bal files and after the last save, i can not open either one of them. it gives an error (in dutch, so I do not know exactly in english and there is no error number: The index is outside of the range... Is there a way to open a *.bal file?? (like a designer...
  18. M

    B4J Question Strange issue with serial port

    Hi everyone , i have a a program that connect with a scales weight, i have no problem doing the conexion, the problem is when the scale is off, but conected , the serial recognize the port but when i try to connect with it and send the comand to obtain the weight i have to posible respons: 1.-...
  19. A

    Android Question Auto Start Voice Recognition after error

    Hi (This is another question I wanted to ask in another thread) Hi I want to automatically restart the Voice Recognition Service(, in case of the user didn't say anything(and then the VR is stopping...
  20. A

    Android Question app crashed (using class-contactsutils provides read write access to the stored contacts)

    Hi Erel, I tried to use the library you uploaded: this is my code(activity_create): If FirstTime Then Activity.LoadLayout("MAIN") cu.Initialize End If...