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  1. C

    Android Question Can I modify a custom type, while it's already used in a database list?

    I'm using a custom type that consists of keys like title, text, datetime, keywords etc. My simple "database" is just a list of hundreds of these. The problem is that as for now I'm using their Unix times to identify them, and that was a big mistake, as due to how the app works there will be...
  2. S

    Italian Lavorare con le variabili =List e Objects Estrapolare i dati

    Salve non sono molto esperto in programmazione di seguito posto parte del mio programma: Sub ListAnimals As ResumableSub Wait For (Connect) Complete (Success As Boolean) If Success Then Try Dim sf As Object = mysql.ExecQueryAsync("mysql", "SELECT id, data FROM...
  3. J

    B4J Question Custom type with List

    I need to have a custom type that includes a list. The following fails, complaining about a null pointer. What am I doing wrong? Type xxxx( Name As String, Count As Int, myList As List ) Dim abc As xxxx abc.myList.initialize <---- fails
  4. LucaMs

    Other List of types

    If you fill a List with custom types objects, you can sort it based on any field that makes up your custom type. I wonder: 1) if this type of collection exists in java or it is a b4x implementation; 2) if it were the second case of the previous point, perhaps it would be possible: - 2a)...