1. JonnyCav

    Android Question Performing mathematical functions between 2 maps of values

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree? (All sqlite) Here's the theory based on the fact I have one table (T1) that continually accrues data over time. Now, at a certain time(button call) TWO sqlite result sets are created I put the first set from T1 into a map, map1 I put the second result set into...
  2. H

    B4J Code Snippet Sort and Search Lists in Any Arbitrary Way

    In B4X it is easy to sort a List in any arbitrary way, thanks to the fact that we can simply pass the name of a function anywhere. I am using a non-recursive search here, because I had to sort lists with hundreds of thousands of items. The sorting is quite fast, good enough for sure. B4J is...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 10 Lists

    Ola Here we demonstrate how we can have a list with a pager linked to it and we animate the list. First we create a pager element and give it a unique id with the size to show being 10 records. We add this to our page.. Private pgr As WixPager...
  4. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet Creating a Random Dummy Data Generator

    Ola So I am am working on my Mock app, after getting some of my list running as per discussion here, I managed to have some consensus of some doable things.. What happens is that a data structure is first defined, this will contain the field names and the dummy data types. Somewhere there...
  5. D

    Android Question List Adding By Value Rather than Reference

    I am running the code analogous to the following: GroupOfElements As List For n = 0 To 4 Element.Initialize Element.ID = n Element.TextField = "Element " + n GroupOfElements.Add(Element) Next The idea is to add a...
  6. R

    Android Question How to show a grid on a form. Columns and rows.

    I am confused. I see tables, lists, xCustomListViews and don't know what to use. there are many examples with images. I just want simple text, rows and columns. below is in using the GridView control. What is the best method to use. Any sample would be much appreciated.

    Android Question LIST2 = SHUFFELIST(LIST1) also changes LIST1, Why?

    Hello Guys, I have the following code to shuffle LIST1 into LIST2, but at the end both lists are shuffled. I want LIST1 as it was originally. What am I doing wrong? Dim lstWords1, lstWords2 As List lstWords1 = Array("AVIÃO", "BOLA", "CASA", "COPO", "DADO", "FACA", "FLOR", "FOGO"...