out of memory error

  1. R

    Android Question Out of memory error BBCodeView

    Showing my application error log (saved to a list and concatenated to a string ready to be processed by a BBCodeView) in a dialog. This is a large list (just for testing, all errors have been fixed) with some 80 items. All the error items in the BBCodeView have an item number and these are...
  2. Arnaud

    iOS Question Dowload last build

    Hello, I receive an error when I try to "Download last build". This error is "System.OutOfMemoryException". I use "Hosted Builder" and B4i version 6.80. The size of the file "tmp.zip" is 30117 Ko An idea please? Thanks Arnaud
  3. N

    Android Question Httpjob - How to trap Out of Memory error

    Hi, How can I trap "out of memory" error on httpjob before my app crashes when I try to upload large files, try and catch not works. Is possible to check avaliable memory with file size to know if my app can upload or not?