return value

  1. M

    B4R Question how to return ip from in line c

    how can i return IPAddress from in line c. this is my code.not work Sub Process_Globals Dim ip() As Byte End Sub Sub get_ip (name() As Byte) ip=RunNative("getip", name) End Sub #If c #include <ESPmDNS.h> void getip(B4R::Object* o) { B4R::Array* b =...
  2. fprobst

    B4J Question [SOLVED] MS SQL Stored procedure - return value

    Hello, I am using a MS SQL Server an useing the library "SQLCallPRoc Version 1-10" from keirS I have the following stored procedure: CREATE procedure [dbo].[sp_TMS_BuchenPersKommt]( @cPersNr char(10), @dDatum AMSDate, @dZeit AMSTime, @cGrund char(1) ) as begin set...
  3. walterf25

    Java Question Returning Value on BA.RaiseEvent method

    Hi All, i'm trying to wrap a library and on one of the listeners for one of the properties i have the need to return an integer value, I was wondering if this is possible with any of the BA.RaiseEvent methods, if not is there any other way to accomplish this. Below is the java portion of the...