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  1. M

    Android Question Transparent StatusBar and NavigationBar Using B4XPages

    Hi everyone, i wish to achive this type of result where the content of my app can be displayed on all the screen (so statusbar and navigation bar are transparent). I already took a look at this post but trying it on my phone i noticed that the offset sizing is not dynamic, but is fixed on...
  2. Diego Roman

    Android Question Question about variants

    Hi, could you please help me with the following question please: For example, If 2 vertical variants are created, then how does android decide which one to use? If I make a variant of a small size and another large variant, but the device has a medium screen size, which one uses Android and...
  3. yo3ggx

    Android Example Get real display size in inch

    Hello, Maybe this can be useful for others. You can get the exact screen diagonal size (in inch) using the following simple routine. Sub GetDevicePhysicalSize As Double #If JAVA import*; import android.util.DisplayMetrics; public double getScreenSizeOfDevice() { Point...
  4. LucaMs

    Android Question [XUI2D] res., density and screens-size

    Almost for fun (for the moment, completed a certain project, I think I will study this platform well) I only wanted to modify a couple of PNGs in the example "Walking character". Actually the first idea was to add a banner (not ads, a drawing) as an object but then, not knowing that sw, I...

    Android Question How to regain focus on a theread not yet answered?

    Hello, guys.... I got this thread and it is still waiting for someones help. It is already 4-5 days old. Anyone? Regards, Fernando

    Android Question How to align things within a TabPage?

    I had a single layout named "Play" with 4 buttons that I dinamically positioned the fields within it and it seemed visually perfect. Then I decided to use TabHosts and add an extra "About" layout. Now the original buttons that used to be aligned based on activity.Width seems a little displaced...