sms listener

  1. drgottjr

    Share My Creation Out Of Office

    following in the footsteps of sms Forward(er), this is OutOfOffice. if someone in your contacts sends a text and you're - um - out of the "office", they get an out-of-office reply. strangers are ignored (never talk to strangers). you can turn the service on or off at will. customize your...
  2. drgottjr

    Share My Creation FORWARD(er)!

    so here we have forwarder, an sms forwarding service. i realize there are forwarders out there, but mine is semi-automatic (like my glock). i prefer to leave my publicly known phone on a table. when calls or sms messages are received, notifications are posted. at the end of the day, after...
  3. RAZRO

    Android Question broadcastreceiver for receiving SMS

    hello everyone I am trying to make an app in which I need to see SMS information at first I used to use service from this tutorial( that was great and I could see the message...
  4. NachoImperium

    Android Question Broadcast listener isn't working on real phone

    Hey, my app should inform the user as soon as you receive an SMS. The permissions etc. I have already assigned everything, in my emulator everything works perfectly but unfortunately not with my real phone (Xiaomi). The Android version is the same, what is the reason...