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  1. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Amazing E-Learning System : Source Code

    Hello, *Thank you @Erel for making this possible for us :) We would like to announce that we have developed an amazing E-Learning System! It enables the student to browse and purchase courses even Tests (Quizzes) The client-Android Features : 1- Sign in/Signup 2- Amazing UI 3- Browse...
  2. sfsameer

    Share My Creation VoIP SIP (Voice Calls) System : Source Code

    Hello everyone :) First of all and as always we start by thanking the great @Erel for making this possible for us :) We made a post asking the lovely B4X Family about what to create next, a VPN or VoIP and most of the votes went to VoIP, so here we are :) Today we would like to announce that...
  3. sfsameer

    Next Big Thing?

    Hello everyone :) We are still in the search of the next big thing, and we just had this idea, why not create a VPN app and sell the source code ? i think a lot of users are looking into making their own vpn but as you may know it's not that simple in fact it would take us maybe more than 30...
  4. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Skype & Twitch Alternative : Source code for sale

    Hello everyone, *Thank you Erel for making this possible for all of us :) Watching apps like Skype making 41.1 Million dollars per year (in 2019), and twitch making 3.9 Billion dollars per year All of the above numbers makes us all think, why isn't my app next to them? making millions if not...
  5. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Car Booking/Rental App(Uber alternative) : Source Code For Sale

    Hello everyone, Of course without a doubt i'd like to start the topic with a : Thank you erel for making this Possible ! This project is very important to us because it took as almost 9 months for it to be completed it's one of the most complicated projects we have ever built. The app works...