1. A

    Bug? Solved: Issue with help while hovering in specific subs...

    Hi. In some subs I use as return a type (structure). Sub Process_Globals ... Type PlayedChoice(row As Int, column As Int) ... End Sub 'Function description... 'Examples: ... Private Sub test3 As PlayedChoice Dim a As PlayedChoice a.Initialize a.row = 0 a.column = 0...
  2. Dave O

    Wish Ability to add tooltips to views as a property in designer or code

    Android 8+ adds the ability to attach a text tooltip to a view. This post shows some wrapper code to do this with JavaObject. Just like elevation has been added for panels, I'd love to see tooltips added as a declarative property on views, so we could define them using the Designer or in simple...
  3. Dave O

    Android Code Snippet standard tooltips for Android 8+

    For tooltips (press-and-hold on a view to show some explanatory text), in the past I used a hack in my apps to position a toast message near the view. This has stopped working on certain recent versions of Android (I'll cover that in a separate post), so I went looking for a better solution. It...
  4. cklester

    B4J Question [RESOLVED] How to Set Tooltip for a TextField

    How do you set the tooltip for a text field? There doesn't seem to be a TooltipText property for a TextField, but ToolTip is listed as a property for the Text Field in the Designer. I've searched "tooltip textfield" and found no answer.
  5. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Tooltip

    Hello, i found this for Android and works good. Is there a way to do the same thing with B4I? Thank you.
  6. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet TableView: Adding tooltips to column headers

    Ola This is no magic really, some time ago there was a post here about adding fontawesome buttons to headers, so I included it on my snippets, here too. I have realized something, my table has abbreviations and I sometimes forget what they even mean. Lol. So me things, there is already a...