1. J

    Android Question Confused about object types: B4J vs B4A

    B4X newbie here. I've worked my way thru the first part of B4X Getting Started V2.4, and have the MyFirstProgram working on my Windows 11 computer. Next step is to try the same program in B4A. I am into step 3.3.3 where it will not run as per instructed on p.45. That's when I noticed there are...
  2. M

    Android Question [B4X] Cast Map to Custom Type

    Hi everyone I was wondering if it possibile to cast a Map object to a Custom type object that has the same fields. At the moment I'm doing with a function that manually get all the fields from the map. Thanks in advance
  3. R

    Android Question Why Type in code module not recognized by B4XMainPage?

    In B4XMainPage I have this code: Sub Class_Globals Private ser As B4XSerializator End Sub Sub GetSQL_ExtraFromTable(strNameOfSQL As String, _ iFolderID As Int, _ strRunSQL As String) As tSQL_Extra Dim strSQL As String Dim...
  4. Brian Michael

    B4A Library [LIB] [B4A] BMTypeWriter

    Hello everyone, here I bring you a tool to create the writing effect. It is basic but functional. Thank you for viewing this library. BMTypeWriter Author: Version: 1 BMTypeWriter Create a simple TypeWriter Effect on any TextView Example: Writer1.Initialize(Me, "Writer1")...
  5. A

    Bug? Solved: Issue with help while hovering in specific subs...

    Hi. In some subs I use as return a type (structure). Sub Process_Globals ... Type PlayedChoice(row As Int, column As Int) ... End Sub 'Function description... 'Examples: ... Private Sub test3 As PlayedChoice Dim a As PlayedChoice a.Initialize a.row = 0 a.column = 0...
  6. C

    Android Question Can I modify a custom type, while it's already used in a database list?

    I'm using a custom type that consists of keys like title, text, datetime, keywords etc. My simple "database" is just a list of hundreds of these. The problem is that as for now I'm using their Unix times to identify them, and that was a big mistake, as due to how the app works there will be...
  7. Rasoull

    Android Question Read List Contain type

    Hello, I have a list whose items are custom type. The list is stored in memory with Jsongenerator, but when I read those types, they are recognized as a string. How can I read the types from the list?
  8. DALB

    Android Question customlistView type

    Hello in this code which is in a loop, I wish to test every view. 'lst' is a list containing all the views of the designer For each ... Dim w As CustomListView=lst.Get(i) If w.AsView Is ScrollView(or CustomListView) Then lab=lst.Get(i) doSomething End...
  9. Chris160179

    B4R Question Use a type variable in another type variable

    Hello everybody, it seems it is not possible to use a type variable in another type variable. Like this: Type WLAN_Type (IP As String, SSID As String, Password As String, Chanel As Byte, BSSID As String) Type Settings(Resets As UInt, Summertime As Boolean, WLAN As WLAN_Type) Public...
  10. J

    B4J Question Custom type with List

    I need to have a custom type that includes a list. The following fails, complaining about a null pointer. What am I doing wrong? Type xxxx( Name As String, Count As Int, myList As List ) Dim abc As xxxx abc.myList.initialize <---- fails
  11. M

    Android Question RandomAccessFile - ReadB4XObject ERROR

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to understand how to use the RandomAccessFile Library, beacuse i need to store custom Types of data. I'm always getting an error while reading, i'm confused. The test code: Sub Globals 'These global variables will be redeclared each time the activity is created...

    Android Question Designer Copy and Paste Views

    Hello, Sometimes when i copy and paste some view into a new panel i have noticed that the field Type is empty. That apparently provide no pbs with the app. with B4A (i still dont try the transfer on B4I) Please could you confirme that to me ? Regards Michel
  13. DroidLyon

    Android Question B4XOrderedMap / Map - putting a type object problem

    Hi people I've used the map collection storing "Type Object" values many times without issue and then hit a problem yesterday trying to store(put) a Type object into a B4XOrderedMap. It also fails with a standard Map... Hence I suspect a dumbass programming error :confused: So I declare a type...
  14. makis_best

    Android Question [SOLVED] Insert type into list

    Hi I am confused about how to insert a type into a list So far I have.... Sub Process_Globals Thelist As List TheList.initialize Type TheRT(Code As String, Description As String, Price As Double, Quantity As Double) Public ItemInfo As TheRT End Sub Sub...
  15. LucaMs

    Wish [already exists] Designer - Custom views "type".

    If possible, a less generic "description" of (you can have more than one kind of custom views in your layout, of course)
  16. Sandman

    Wish Make thrown exceptions keep their type while live updating code

    This Wish is in reference to this thread: Does exceptions in inline java mess with live updating the code? https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/does-exceptions-in-inline-java-mess-with-live-updating-the-code.98502/ In some cases (see thread above) a thrown exception gets its type changed...
  17. Alpandino

    B4R Question Can I use Structure in B4R?

    Hi, I know I can create new Type, but now I need also to create method/function for my type. This could simplify my job. I'd like to avoid writing a new lib for this, so I'd like to know if I can use the Structure syntax, more or less in this way: Public Structure Box Dim Length As...
  18. MarkusR

    B4J Question Access to a Type structure by Code?

    if me have a Type structure. is it possible to get the fields and datatype from within source code? me thought about to generate a input form from it automatically.
  19. 52manhua

    Java Question How To Initialize B4A Map in Java

    I take it for granted, but it doesn't seem to work. package com.example; import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA; import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.*; import anywheresoftware.b4a.objects.collections.Map; @Version(1.0f) //@Permissions(values={"android.permission.INTERNET"}) @ShortName("FirstLib")...
  20. J

    Bug? Easy to fix bug: Type: URI: it's a black hole...

    Good morning it's really strange that the URI Type is a "write only" Class or a black hole: there is not a single member which returns anything!: https://www.b4x.com/android/help/contentresolver.html#uri Therefore, we always get annoying cast warnings if we use this Type. I guess it's a short...