1. M

    iOS Question xCustomListView doesn't have the method "CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight"

    Why xCustomListView doesn't have the method "CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight"?
  2. J

    Android Question xCustomListView

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if the following can be done with xCustomListView: I need 3 columns In the first there will be an image such as settings The second column will have Text. The top line is a heading (bold - centered), the second and 3rd line will contain text - typically a description...
  3. Tadeu Botelho

    Android Question xCustomListView - Invalid layout size

    Hello friends I have a problem trying to read the full height of the full screen views. Because I want to open the layout within an xCustomListView. Could someone help me with this? The code is attached. Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) If FirstTime=True Then...
  4. Jeanc161

    Android Question xCustomListView Text center align

    Hi, I'm using the xCustomlistview in B4A vers 9.5, actually i'm using the xCustomListView1.addtextItem(MyText,myValue) I want to be able to define the horizontal alignment of each cell as i put it in the listview. I find no place toe set the horizontal, vertical gravity for each cell as it is...
  5. LucaMs

    Wish xCustomListView - SizeChanged (num. of items) event

    xCustomListView - SizeChanged (num. of items) event
  6. LucaMs

    Wish xCustomListView - SelectedIndex property

    xCustomListView - SelectedIndex property
  7. LucaMs

    Wish xCustomListView - move item up & down method

    xCustomListView - move item up & down method.
  8. Jeanc161

    iOS Question Source code for Xcustomlistview

    It will be nice if i could have the source for the xCustomlistview (The library type not the module type) so maybe i could try to add a new event when the list reach the top of displayed items, so in that way i could control the Top and Bottom items loaded in the displayed area of the listview...
  9. Steve Kwok

    B4A Library Swipe actions on both sides of xCustomListView

    Referring to: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-clvswipe-xcustomlistview-swipe-actions-and-pull-to-refresh.98252/ , I have edited class CLVSwipe of downloaded sample B4A_CLVSwipe.zip to function swiping both sides. Since the swipe process left and right menu, it is...
  10. B

    Android Question xcustomlistview - disable loadlayout animation (attached project)

    I'm able to disable animation between activity, how to disable animation when loading layout in xcustomlistview ? NB : click most right button to switch activity attached the project. Thanks!!
  11. B

    iOS Question How to install xcustomlistview v1.7

    Hi all, I want to use this : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-xcustomlistview-cross-platform-customlistview.84501/ version V1.70 ( currently in my B4i its v1.67) where to download ? since the thread offer no downloadable xml / jar. and there's note in those thread ...
  12. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] LM xCustomListView 1.73

    Some features added to the last Erel's xCustomListView (v. 1.71). As you know, it works on the three platforms (B4A, B4J, B4i). 'xCustomListView v1.73 LM ' Added MultipleSelection: ' Property MultipleSelection ' Property SelectedIndices ' Property SelectedValues '...
  13. ShaneG30

    Rename xCustomListView to B4XListView?

    See Title
  14. DroidLyon

    Wish Multi mode XUI xcustomlistview

    Hi It is possible to contain all/many of the different "modes" of [B4X] [XUI] xCustomListView (expandable lists, pull to refresh, swipes etc) within one library (Class)? Within one App I am currently able use the master lib as it is intended for one list, and if I want to use the expandable...
  15. LucaMs

    Android Question xCustomListView - LongClick

    Unlike the ListView (and the many apps), LongClick on a Label inside a xCustomListView is not detected (nor, even less, on other View types). Furthermore, the behavior is different in b4a and b4j; in b4a only the click event of the label fires, in b4j, after this event, also the LongClick of...
  16. LucaMs

    B4J Question [Solved] xCustomListView - Debug, Release and... other

    I was searching for a bug in my project: I get a Null Sender when I click a label of a xCustomListView item but only in Release mode :eek:, when... trying a new simple project with just a xCustomListView, I saw: "Add" method of a xCustomListView in my "real" project: "Add" method of a...
  17. A0_2_A7

    Android Question AHSwipeToRefresh library with XCustomListView Error (Solved)

    Hi, i'm trying to use the AHSwipeToRefresh library with XCustomListView but it gives me the following error. Is there any way to use this fantastic library with XCustomListView? *** Service (starter) Create *** ** Service (starter) Start ** ** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true ** Error...
  18. N

    Android Question [SOLVED]xCustomListView problem ?

    I try to use xCustomListView to show the data from database . So I have to use CLV.clear to update query results , unfortunately , CLV.clear will destroy something initilized in Activity_Create . The related data will not be shown when I use CLV_ItemClick . I don't know what the problem is...
  19. Myr0n

    Android Question How can I add a new event in xCustomListView?

    Hello As far as I know xCustomListView now is included as internal library (lib version 1.67) but a not long time ago was a custom view until version 1.66. My question is, how can I add an #Event: ItemLongClick (Index As Int, Value As Object) and use it in my app since there is not included the...
  20. R

    Android Question How to show a grid on a form. Columns and rows.

    I am confused. I see tables, lists, xCustomListViews and don't know what to use. there are many examples with images. I just want simple text, rows and columns. below is in vb.net using the GridView control. What is the best method to use. Any sample would be much appreciated.