Share My Creation נקדני - Hebrew Niqqud

in Hebrew we have symbols on the letters to help you pronounce the word correctly. when you start learning reading and writing you start with words that include Niqqud on them. after a few years in school and after your vocabulary is wide enough you write without niqqud but even adults use niqqud sometimes in specific areas. anyway, since there is no keyboard that includes niqqud on it i wrote this app so you can add to any word you like niqqud and then share this text with your friends.

the app also remembers words you have already added niqqud and does it automatically for you. there is also a database the includes lots of word with niqqud so you can even enter any text and click the auto niqqud button. the database will be updated in the future and i am planning to allow anyone to upload their words to the db so if i add niqqud to a word you won't need to do that for the same word.

more about niqqud:


(Android version: )


EDIT: thanx to xui i could use about 95% of the code from the android version to the ios version :)
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