Bug? ”Simulator” isn't a valid target when compiling


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In this thread, there is an indication that Simulator would be a valid target to use for #If:

I'm adding support for KSCrash, so I found that post and tried solving it like this, only to come to the same conclusion as @angel_ did, that it doesn't work.

In fact, if I instead do it like below, it does exclude the code when compiling for Simulator. This is not a sane solution, obviously, I'm just adding this to my post to show that Simulator doesn't exist as a target.
    ' This will EXCLUDE the part below when compiling for Simulator
    #If Simulator
        #AdditionalLib: KSCrash.framework.3
        #AdditionalLib: MessageUI.framework
        #AdditionalLib: SystemConfiguration.framework
        #AdditionalLib: libc++.dylib
        #AdditionalLib: libz.dylib    
    #End If

In theory, Erel perhaps mis-remembered and thought that Simulator was something actually in B4i even though it was never implemented. In that case we can consider this post a Wish instead. :)