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(image by @Bladimir Silva Toro from SENA Colombia)

B4X tools make a good choice for teaching programming and they are indeed used in many schools and universities.
Now that B4A is completely free, together with B4J (desktops + Raspberry Pi) and B4R (Arduino + ESP), the tools are more accessible than ever and I believe that they will be used in more and more academic organizations.

I'm asking tutors, who've used B4X to teach programming or for other academic purposes, to share your experience and also if possible to share educational material.

Thank you!


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Hi there!
Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.
We are not directly using B4A in education, but we are using it in several citizen science projects to involve local communities in environmental and health issues.
It's simple to teach, easy to share, and other programmers that usually program in Java can work with the b4a code. It's an amazing product, with a great community for support!
We will soon make most of the code open for our main projects, and share the source in B4A.
Thank you Erel and all the community for making this product great, and now free!


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I am an Electronic Engineer and University Teacher. Since 2014 I incorporated the use of B4A in the academic program "Professional Technician in Mobile App Development" of the "Fundación Universitaria del Area Andina-AREANDINA (Bogotá, Colombia) and in 2019 with the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia(U.P.T.C)- School of Electronic Engineering (Sogamoso,Boyacá,Colombia).In U.P.T.C, we are using B4A as a tool for mobile development, in the academic program "Mobile Applications for Internet of Things." All academic content is based on practical workshops in which we teach students to solve real problems through the use of Mobile Applications, ESP8266, Web Service, IoT Platforms, etc.

From my experience as a Mobile Developer, I have verified that B4A is an excellent tool, easy to understand, with a large community that allows to improve learning, and a large number of libraries that allow to significantly reduce development time, allowing the developer to focus on central objective of the mobile solution. Students quickly learn the use of B4A.

It is a great step to have free B4A, as this will allow many more people and institutions to use it.

Congratulations to Erel and his team for this great tool!

Regards ;
Fredy Alonso León Socha
Sogamoso, Boyacá, Colombia


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Copied from: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4a-is-now-free.113678/post-710896

"Thank you Erel for your continued contribution to the community.
All products of the B4X family are currently one of the best platforms for developing apps in the world.
Since last year, I have been dedicated to promoting various products and recording education training courses of B4X in Taiwan.Although we are just getting started, we are continually recording and promoting.You can refer to YouTube: or http://zeyuud.com/download/
In 2020, our team has planned to cooperate with more schools and companies in Taiwan to promote B4X.
Now seeing that B4A is about to become a free version that will help promote it to schools.
Although it became a free version, we hope to contribute more to Erel's team.
Thanks again Erel."