Android Tutorial 💡 Match the flags. Extremely basic game tutorial for new B4X developers - Newer developers

Peter Simpson

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Hello B4X'ers
This morning as my new clients are currently beta testing software that I developed for them using B4J 👍, I thought to myself lets create a quick and simple game using B4A for the influx of new B4X developers that will be happening in the near future :cool:

I decided to modify and use the flip cards code that I previously posted to help me create this game, this is to show developers new to the B4X suite of tools just how quick and simple it can be to create a simple game using B4A. Whilst using my previously posted code to create this game, I realised that there were a couple of issues with that code. I've now resolved those issues and re-uploaded the flip cards code file for all to use.

So taking into consideration that this morning I had to resolve issues with the flip cards code, resolving those issues and using that code to create this extremely simple game took me about 2 hours in total to complete. I've tried to make the code as simple as possible for all new B4X developers to follow as I've added comments throughout the whole code.

>>> Download the source code <<<

2 libraries are needed, XUI and SD_XUIView.




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I haven't see the code but this example is a good for teaching B4X. Thanks.