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    I could detect link or any thing with Regex in android and use it
    But in B4i i had problem about convert my custom pattern to link
    Now with below code you can convert any string with pattern to link
    Sub MarkPatternCSbuilder(Input As String, Pattern As String, GroupNumber As Int) As CSBuilder
    Dim cs As CSBuilder
    Dim lastMatchEnd As Int = 0
    Dim m As Matcher = Regex.Matcher(Pattern, Input)
    Do While m.Find
    Dim currentStart As Int = m.GetStart(GroupNumber)
           cs.Append(Input.SubString2(lastMatchEnd, currentStart))
           lastMatchEnd = m.GetEnd(GroupNumber)
    'apply styling here
    'number should match number of stylings set.
    If lastMatchEnd < Input.Length Then cs.Append(Input.SubString(lastMatchEnd))
    Return cs
    End Sub
    Example for detect hashtag:
    Label1.AttributedText = MarkPatternCSbuilder(Label1.Text,"\B(#\w+)\b",1)
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