B4A Class A new WheelView

This wheel is kind of up-down selector, it works quickly without jumps.
The content is defined by a list of strings, clicking on the top part rotates the content one up, clicking on the bottom rotates the content one down.
LongClicking on top or bottom starts the rotation one by one with a short delay, clicking on the center part stops the rotation.
It is a customview so it can be added to a designer file or by code.
There are few methods of appearance to make the wheel to your likes. enjoy.

The name is temporary, please suggest something better...


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Stunning wheel


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Wheelie Good
Wheel Of b4tune
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Wheel it spin?

Slapping together a game timer for my kids to stop(haha it wont work) them fighting over how long they have on the game....because levels and lives doesnt work anymore apparently. Wheel looks good, just implementing it now for how many players and will do again for a timer.

Thanks for your work :D