a question about sdks


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Hey guys,

I need some advice from some people who have more experience with B4ppc than I. I am building a piece of software which is self voiced and allows control of navigation and access to an electronic cockpit within an aircraft. I need to use the Garmin Sdk provided on their site because of some of the functionality that I need from the Garmin device. I am wondering would it be best to build a library from B4PPc to the Garmin sdk or would it be better to convert the Sdk over to B4ppc? The reason I ask is I want as few crashes of the program and also as few instabilities as I can get. What do people think?


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If you mean the one here

This is not what I would term an SDK. It is a trivial code sample demonstrating how to read and write USB packets to a Garmin USB GPS driver under Windows. If you are going to use this on a device it is not relevant as Garmin only seem to do a USB driver for the desktop Windows OSs.

Assuming that you will be using an RS232 interfaced GPS talking to a PDA. I have looked at the Interface Specification pdf included in the "SDK" and you may have some "interesting" format conversions to do as some of the data sent to the GPS is effectively a memory map of the data. You won't be able to easily do this within B4PPC and will likely need a custom library to produce the data packet.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but the words "aircraft", "navigation", "cockpit" (and "crashes"!) make me shiver. If what I have said above is not already obvious to you are you sure you have the technical skills to undertake this?