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Hi All,
I am re-writing my web server from a few years ago. (ge
My thoughts are to build each page when requested then save that page, then show it.
I have this
Sub Handle(req As ServletRequest, resp As ServletResponse)
    mreq = req
    mresp = resp
    Dim sessionid As String = req.GetSession.Id
'    Log("Request Session ID: " & sessionid)
    Log("Request URI:" & req.RequestURI)
'    Log("Request FullRequestURI: " & req.FullRequestURI)
'    Log("Request ContentType:  " & req.ContentType)
    Dim s As String = req.RequestURI
    If s.Contains(".html") Then
        Dim htm As String = buildpage.BuildCurrentPage(req.RequestURI)
        If htm <> Null Then resp.Write(s)
'    Else
'        resp. .Write(s)
    End If  
End Sub

This is fired whenever a page is called.
Now a simple question.
How can I refresh the browser when the page has been built (from the BuildCurrentPage routine)
I will be adding a check for the server page not to be built if no changes on the page since last build.

Thanks in advance.