A Talking Slide Show program called "Show & Tell 12".

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    Here is a Slide Show program that allows you to have 12 slides
    and you can attach a sound (.wav) file to each of the 12 slides.

    The optimal picture image size is 240 pixels wide by 220 pixels high.

    You can define a time delay between slides from 3 seconds up to
    17 seconds in steps of 1 second. These time delays between slides
    allow you to attach large sound (.wav) files to each slide. The
    length of the time delay is saved into a data file that can be read
    back into the program. The time delay file is read each time the
    program is launched during program initialization.

    You can use a Text-to-Speech synthesizer program to convert "Text"
    into "Audio" (.wav) files. You can say quite a bit in 17 seconds. You
    should set the time delay to be just larger than the length of your
    longest sound (.wav) file. Once the time delay is set it will be the
    same for all 12 slides.

    Using the "Edit" screens you can pick any 12 pictures and 12 sound
    (.wav) files and save this information into seperate files that can
    be read back into the program at a later time. Every time that the
    program is launched it reads these data files during the initialization

    The file "St0.JPG" is the screenshot of the main startup screen.
    The files "St1.JPG" thru "St6.JPG" are screenshots of some slides.
    The file "St7.JPG" is the screenshot of the "Edit Wav's Screen".
    The file "St8.JPG" is the screenshot of the "Edit Pictures Screen".
    The file "ShowTell.sbp" is the B4PPC source code file.
    The file "showtellzip.zip" is the zipped up ARMV4 (.cab) installation file.

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