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Hi everyone,

I installed Windows 10 and reinstalled B4A but I get an error telling me that aapt.exe can't be found when I try to compile an app.

I checked the folder: C:\android\platform-tools and that file was indeed not there. I have these in the paths configuration dialogue:

For javac.exe:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60\bin\javac.exe

For android.jar:

Where do I get this file so I can copy it into C:\android\platform-tools?

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Hi Erel,

I found a post from 2012 with someone having the same problem where you suggested to copy the files from the build-tools folder into the platform-tools folder. Since that file was not in my system, I went back to but found out that post was outdated. I accidentally skipped over your link on that post to and it showed I also needed to install the following tools:

SDK Tools
SDK Platform Tools
SDK Build Tools

My installation was missing the Build Tools which was where aapt.exe was in.

Now I can compile the apps. :)
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