Wish Ability to see source file's path

Discussion in 'Bugs & wishlist' started by Lee Gillie CCP, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Lee Gillie CCP

    Lee Gillie CCP Active Member Licensed User

    When you have a source file open I don't see any easy way to confirm the full path of the file you are editing. For example Visual Studio's answer to this was to offer a hover over the tab for the source edit window which shows the path, and even better a right click offers to copy the full path to the clipboard, and another option to open the containing folder. I find I am wanting to copy programming units from test bench projects to live projects, and this change would make it all a bit quicker and smoother.

    Another way to accomplish this is to implement dragging of files from the MODULES tab from one instance of the IDE running to the modules tab of another instance of the IDE running.

    My suggestion (minimally) is to see the full path to the source file you are editing (such as a tool tip) in the IDE when you hoover over the tab.
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