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I am approaching in these days to ABMaterial and so I am studying the given samples.
Looking at button's icon names I noticed that an icon is called by a name (i.e. mdi-action-settings). I search over internet and I found that it is a naming rule for Google's font icons.
Well, trying to substitute the given icon name with another (i.e. mdi-image-palette) it doesn't work.
I also tried to use the names showed by awesome/material icons in Designer, but it doesn't work.
So my questions are:
  • where can I find the list of available icon names?
  • which is the method to define available icons?
thank you


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ok. Recompiling the app it works with the new icon. Where can I find a documentation to understand which group of icons I can use, and what about different sets of icons or custom icons?
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@Mashiane has a class module called FA. It defines all the Font Awesome icons that you will find in the "Tools - Icon Picker" of the IDE.

    Dim fa_y_combinator As String = ""
    Dim fa_yahoo As String = ""
    Dim fa_yelp As String = ""
    Dim fa_yoast As String = ""
    Dim fa_youtube As String = ""
    Dim fa_youtube_play As String = ""
    Dim fa_youtube_square As String = ""
End Sub

'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
Public Sub Initialize
    fa_500px = "fa-500px"
    fa_address_book = "fa-address-book"
    fa_address_book_o = "fa-address-book-o"
    fa_address_card = "fa-address-card"
    fa_address_card_o = "fa-address-card-o"
    fa_adjust = "fa-adjust"
    fa_adn = "fa-adn"
    fa_align_center = "fa-align-center"
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