B4J Question [ABMaterial] Error in the Public Name (case sensitive)

Joan Paz

If you make the mistake of placing the variable with the name of the class in minuscule when the name of the class has uppercase letters, the folder is created in an erroneous way. It is not enough to change the value of the variable and go back to complilar, since windows is not case-sensitive, the folder where the html is created must be deleted manually.

If this error is committed in the folders, the file upload functions in ABMaterial do not work correctly.

Sub Class_Globals
    Private ws As WebSocket 'ignore
    ' will hold our page information
    Public page As ABMPage
    ' page theme
    Private theme As ABMTheme
    ' to access the constants
    Private ABM As ABMaterial 'ignore
    ' name of the page, must be the same as the class name (case sensitive!)
    Public Name As String = "sandbox"  '<------------- THIS ONE
    ' will hold the unique browsers window id
    Private ABMPageId As String = ""
    ' your own variables
    Dim myReCAPTCHA As captchacus
    Public DownloadFolder As String = "/www/" & ABMShared.AppName & $"/prueba/"$
    Public DownloadMaxSize As String = 4096*4096
    Dim myToastId As Int
End Sub

It is important to note that in the documentation it is well explained that the name is case sensitive as can be seen in the previous code.

I hope this helps someone who like me, ever made this mistake and their ABMFileinput did not work.