B4J Question [ABMaterial] Files and folders under Objects needed to deploy an ABMaterial application on a VPS


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Once the development of ABMaterial application is completed, the next process would be to deploy (upload) the ABM Application to the VPS Server.

Question No 1

Do I need to uploaded the whole contents of the Objects folder to the VPS server ? ie including the folders bin, src etc ? Somewhere I read that all files under the objects folder are required and also the www folder, but what about the folders bin and src ?


Question No 2

After the deployment, on a later date, we may need to make some modification of the existing application. In that case, do I have to upload the whole contents under the objects folder once again ?

Of course, I agree that it is always better to delete the existing folder contents in the server and re-upload the whole contents under the OBJECTS folder from the development PC once again is the safest way.

I do understand that, in any case, the modified JAR file should be uploaded and if we created or modified some pages, then the equivalent folder under the www\ApplicationName\PageName folders also should be copied and updated. If we added or modified any images then the www\ApplicationName\images folder also should be updated.

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- the jar
- the .needs file(s)
- www folder see (*)

- the jar
- the .needs file(s)
- if you have new resources like images (not pages, see (*)) in the www folder, you'll need to upload those too

When a new version of ABM is released, there is an upgrade folder in the zip (eg www4.03To4.25) containing only the modified js/css/font files so it is smaller to upload.

(*) in theorie only the www\js, www\css, www\font and an www\yourapp (containing all your resources like images, translations, upload etc, but without the PageName folders) should be enough as all the PageName folders are re-generated when you start the jar (make sure you have write rights in this folder)
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