B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] How to XAMPP & Access your webapps via WIFI

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This is not ABMaterial related, however I wanted to run my ABMaterial WebApp from my local internet connection via WIFI, so here we go.

Well, install XAMP, you can get a copy here.

My apache server did not start properly, so I had to do some configurations. I changed the running port from 80 to 8080 and the ssl port to 4433. Click Config, open httpd.conf, find Listen Port 80, change to Listen Port 8080 and also find ServerName localhost:80, change the port to 8080 to be ServerName localhost:8080 and save the file.

Also Config > httpd-ssl.conf, find Listen 44 and change to Listen 4433 and also <VirtualHost _default_:44> and change to <VirtualHost _default_:4433>. This was enough to get my Apache Server Running.

As you are running on your wifi, open Network and Sharing Options and get your wifi IPv4 address, or run ipconfig from the command prompt

Start your ABMaterial WebApp from your desktop with XAMP Running. From your other mobile device, open your web server address of your webapp using the IP Address obtained above and the port your webapp is running on.


That's all folks..


XAMP webserver accessible from Samsung Phone


Testing ABMaterial WebApp from Samsung Phone...


Other settings, select main config > service and port settings

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Pardon my denseness, but what does Apache have to do with accessing ABMaterial via WiFi? I have ABMaterial running on my work computer, accessing MySQL on another computer (both wired) and testing the app via iPhones/iPads connected to the wireless network at work. I have no other web server software running, just ABMaterial.