B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] New component ABMPivotTable in 1.08


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ABMPivotTable allows the user to view data in a dynamic pivot table. It can answer quick questions that are e.g. not findable in a report. Note that it can only handle a couple of thousand records. You have to provide it with a csv file, so you may have to filter the records on the server side before sending it over to the browser.

I have tried to materialize it as much as possible, but as for now, I have not found a solution for the dropdown combos.

A video demonstrating the new control:

The code to add this into a WebApp:

Dim pivot As ABMPivotTable
pivot.Initialize(page, "pivot", 500, "../pivots/Pivot.csv", "Persoon code,Persoon naam", "Project code,Project naam", "Decimaal,Prijs", "")


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Hi Alain,

In v1.12, ABMPivotTable show always this white screeb, any suggestion?

Many thanks regarding your fw