B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Populate a combo based on another selection

You may be thinking that I create these tutorials for myself. You may be right!!!
My RAM memory is very limited. Erel has offered (us) a place to securely store them (he is so kind) for future reference... Anyways...

As I have discovered, everything reacts by the on_click event - meaning - you must code an on_click event Sub in order to act upon your desired action. These are raised in the Page_ParseEvent(Params As Map) which are common to each page, and reacts to (almost) every mouse click (or touch). pretty neat way of handling this although I expect this is common... (what do I know? - just a hack).

Here, I need to populate a combo list (to reduce items to logical selections) BASED on a previous selection.
In this case, I must select a "vehicle type" - selection 1 (returns 1,2,3 as the SetActiveItemId ).

Based on the combo.ActiveItemId of selection 1, I can call a sub to create a list of associated items for the associated combo (which depends on a selection of the first)...

This is called when a "Vehicle Type" is selected (from the combo selection):

Sub utcombo1_clicked(target As String)
    Dim inp As ABMModalSheet = page.ModalSheet("vehicleinp")
    Dim utc As ABMCombo    = inp.Content.Component("utcombo1")
    Dim itc As ABMCombo    = inp.Content.Component("itcombo1")
    Dim itm As String = utc.GetActiveItemId
    Dim sql As SQL = DBM.GetSQL
    Dim users As List = DBM.SQLSelect(sql, "SELECT * FROM insptype_mast WHERE Trk_Trl = "&itm&" ORDER by Name" )' & SelectedRowId)
    If users.Size > 0 Then
        For i = 0 To users.Size -1
           Dim user As Map = users.Get(i)
           Dim id As String = user.Get("pk")
           Dim val As String = user.Get("name")
           itc.AddItem(  id, val, BuildSimpleItem("S"&id, "mdi-action-star-rate", "{NBSP} - {NBSP} {NBSP}"&val))
    End If
    Log(" Retreived vehicle items...")
End Sub

This "over-rides" what ever I set when initializing the page with a current list (using - clear) based on vehicle type selection. Yes I know, clear as mud.... You must experiment to figure this out for the most part...

Example image: Shows only Trucks in Inspection Type list. ("SELECT * FROM insptype_mast WHERE Trk_Trl = "&itm)... from above...


One more note: Maps are our best friend.
It took me a year to discover (4 years ago) how to use Maps.
Recently, I discovered that a List (object) can contain Maps (objects)!
It was always there and being used yet I couldn't wrap my head around it.



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Good Day Harris,

This looks awesome. You may have read my other thread. I need help with my website connecting to the database. What is DBM? Can you provide some sample code for a connection Initialization and use of.

Thanks, Ill send a trout. :)


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Yes, I saw your other post and responded.