B4J Question [ABMaterial]: Using ABMChat for collaboration and / group chats?


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Hi there

In my question and answer app I want to implement the ABMChat for collaboration purposes. This means that the conversations need to be saved and retrieved somehow, hopefully from the server side, lets say, daily or when each conversation happens. I'm not sure of the best approach yet?

Q1. Is it possible to implement using the current code a way to save and retrieve conversations? If so, what is the best approach to do that?
Q2. I want to create different conversation groups. If I create two / three pages that will have different chat components so that a person can join that group by going to that page and instead of "Im Server, what is your name?", use a group name to prompt a user for a name?
Q3. Is there a list of emojis that are supported by this chat component?

Any advice please?