Bug? Activity not shown in "Activity / Module Bar" when opening B4A 5.00


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Hello B4A

I would like to communicate a little Bug in the UI of B4A 5.00 (using Win8.1)

I have a B4A project with 9 Activities / Modules.
When reopening the project, the 9th Activity will never show on the "Activity / Module Bar" despite it being open upon closing / saving the project.
I would expect all opened Activities / Modules to show again when reopening the project.

How to reproduce:
  1. Have a project with more than 8 Activity / Modules.
  2. Have more than 8 Activities / Modules open (= visible on the "Activity / Module Bar").
  3. Save / Close the project.
  4. Reopen the project: Only 8 Activity / Modules will be shown.
Greetings MaaMoz