Add .ico to ppc file eg .dll


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I've been playing with Erel's SetFileAssociation program.

My intention was to write an app that associates a .filetype, eg, .dll with a .ico image that shows in the PPC explorer.

As usual, no luck yet.
I can create an association with a program, but not just the icon file.

Any ideas :sign0137:

This is work in progress. it's New Years Day and i'm :sign0155:


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I'm not sure that you can use a .ico file.
Usually it is an icon embedded in an executable or a dll file.
reg.SetStringValue("sbpfile\DefaultIcon","Default","\Program Files\Basic4ppc\Basic4ppc.exe,-32512")
The last number is the position of the icon in the file.
You could find it with a program like:


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Sorted it :)

Create your .ico graphic.
Add it to a blank Basic4ppc program.
Compile the program for device, place the .exe on your device,
and use the .ico from within the blank .exe

Now when i'm using the standard device explorer,
I can see what the filetype is.

I will post an example in 'Show Your Creations' later.