Wish Add Intellisense for Sub Parameters, including custom types


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If, as I am writing a line of code that calls a routine, it would be cool if the IDE could auto-provide a list of available values for the parameter I am currently entering.

For example, if I have a Sub like this:

Sub Test(DoIt as Boolean)
End Sub

Then when I am typing "Test(", the IDE would pop-up a dropdown list with "TRUE" and "FALSE" as items in it that I can select instead of having spell them out (intellisense).

It would also be cool if this feature could also support custom type parameters like this:

Sub Process_Globals
    Type EventType(eventEvent As Int, eventError As Int)
    Public EventTypes As EventType
    EventTypes.eventEvent = 0: EventTypes.eventError = 1
End Sub

Sub SaveEvent(EType As EventType, EventText As String)
End Sub

So, when I am entering a line of code:


After I tap the "(", it would show "EventTypes.eventEvent" and "EventTypes.eventError" as dropdown list items to select.