Android Question #AdditionalRes and strange behaviour


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I have the module attribute like this:

#AdditionalRes: "..\resource"

And a folder structure like this:

2017-10-31 01_47_43.png

I've learn that, to avoid setting a resource file read only again each time i need to edit it, I could use the #additionalres and put it into the resources\xml folder, right?

So, I have an xml file (myfile.xml) in the objects\res\xml folder. I've moved the whole object\res structure to the resources folder referenced in the #additionalres attribute, so now myfile.xml is now in the resource\xml folder.

But I've noticed that:

- Using the file located in objects\res\xml and set read only mode, my project works.

- Using the file located in resource\xml file, my project doesnt work. A myfile.xml is generated in the object\res\xml folder... but the file is different than the one located in resources\xml folder (missing xml attributes and values)!

- If i manually delete the objects\res\xml\myfile.xml file, it is re-generated after I hit ctrl+P to "clean" the project files, or If i re compile (release mode). The generated file is also different (it's similar, but different).

My project uses widgets; I don't know if some code (like configurehomewidgets) could generate that file and how to prevail the additionalres one?



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That's exactly what is happening, thank you very much.

However, I have set the instruction:

#CustomBuildAction: 1, c:\windows\system32\attrib.exe, +r res\*.* /s

It seems not to be working? Or the custombuildactions doesn't work here since this is not a build action?

I also thought that the resource/xml should prevail over the object/res/xml, but if it doesn't I'm sure that there is a good reason and you know better than me.

thank you very much!
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