iOS Tutorial AdMob Ads Mediation (with InMobi)

(B4A tutorial:

AdMob supports ads mediation. This means that the ad can come from different ad networks and not just from Google AdMob network.
It can improve the fill rate and the revenue earned.

The first step is to configure iAdMob:

Adding another ad network:

- Supported networks:
- You need to register with the ad network, download their SDK and adapter library and copy it to the Mac Libs folder. Note that InMobi libraries are already available in the hosted builder.
- You need to add #AdditionalLib (added in B4i v3) to tell the compiler to reference the relevant libraries. For example with InMobi:
#AdditionalLib: InMobiSDK.framework.3
#AdditionalLib: AdapterInMobi
#AdditionalLib: libsqlite3.dylib
#AdditionalLib: libz.dylib
#AdditionalLib: WebKit.framework

- Configure AdMob to use the ad network:

Note that it takes several hours for any change in AdMob console to be applied.


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i am trying to implement leadbolt ads to my app using admob

i created an ad unit and dowloaded the sdk but it is not clear what file i need to copy to the macserver and what files i need to include in #AdditionalLib
any help please?


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I had a tutorial for this at
not working anymore ?
I bumped onto a chartboost mediation adapter source for IOS today...

guide >

maybe this can be added some day?

most of the inmobi rewarded video impressions don't even arrive at their console so it's rather useless through mediation.
and chartboost could be a working alternative.