Advise on drawing boxes and circles


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Hi There.

I have a list of objects, rectangles and few circles that represents the positioning of tables in a restaurant.

I was thinking on use the canvas to draw it. However I have some questions and what could be the easy way to do that:

- i need to know when the user press one of these objects and identify which was
- i need to change the colors of the objects over the time to represent status
- in a tablet i believe there is room to show everything, but in a cellphone there is a need to vertical and horizontal bars to scroll thru all the image.

I was decided to not use the regular buttons (that could be answers all these questions) because there is not angle property, and I need to have rectangles that are 45degree for example.



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You could :
- memorize the coordinates, size and color of all your objects.
- with the Touch event you get the coordinates where you are on the screnn and check which object you are on.
- when you have detected an object you can do whatever you want or need.

Best regards.
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