AlphaCom 112 Serial Tx / RX program for Witstech A81G Tablet.


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I have modified a version of the AlphaCom 112 Serial Tx / Rx program
running on the LG Fathom Mobile Phone to run on the Witstech A81G
7-inch Windows CE 6.0 Tablet.

The program code is mostly the same as the version for the LG Fathom.
I had to resize all of the button images and I added a few lines of code
to support the Virtual Com Menu selections and Screen Rotation.

The program allows you to select either Com 4, Com 5, Com 6, Com 7,
Com 8 or Com 9 as the Virtual Serial Port. Setting up a Virtual Com Port
will route data from Com 1 to Com 4 thru 9 depending on which one you
select. I find that the Virtual Com Port will move around depending on what
A81G is doing at any given time: like connecting to external wireless networks.
That means that it will not always connect to the external Bluetooth Adapter
using the same Virtual Com Port all of the time. You may have to try Com 4
thru Com 9 and Activate the Virtual Com Port for each one until you find one
that works. When it does connect you will be able to send and receive data
to your wireless Bluetooth adapter.

You will need to enter the 12-character AlphaNumeric Device ID number for
your Bluetooth Device. Then select a Virtual Com Port 4 thru 9 and then
select "Activate the Bluetooth Virtual Com Port" from the Menu Selection.

After the Virtual Com Port Connects, press the "OPEN" button to open
the Bluetooth Serial Port connection. You can then send and receive
data. When you are finished, press the "CLOSE" button to close the
Serial Port connection.


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