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Back at it again,
We are more than happy to announce that coming very next week are releasing our new project

Amazing CRM App

The app consists on the following :
1- Clients Information
2- Leads Information
3- Calendar & Meetings
4- Calls & Call back Summary
5- Clients Visits and Summary
6- Resources Files & presentations to be ready for share to any client
7- Clients Locations on google maps / able to view / edit or add a new client on the map and able to navigate to the client's location
8- Able to share client's information with anyone
9- Able to generate invoices and save them
10- Able to add reminders to call/visit/meetings

The App is amazing as well with many many features.

Attached the App UI

It's coming Next week,

The app Source price is : 80$
fs-payment1 (1).png

*Once you send the payment you will receive an email from our partner FastSpring which contains the source codes.

Splash screen + walk though :)

Full App Walk Through :

Thank you for everyone who has purchased the source code, we have sent everyone that pre-purchased the source :)


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Was it every released?
Of course it was released long time ago (post #25) :

If you are interested please contact me here or @ : [email protected]



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Hello everyone :)

Due to our constant releases of other amazing projects so we felt like reducing some of the older projects prices, so we would like to announce that this project price is now reduced from 80$ to 30$ only! :)

You can purchase the source code by clicking on the below image :

Once you purchase the source code our partner FastSpring will send you the source codes right away.

*If you have any question or you need help please contact us @ : [email protected] and we will get back to you right away.

As always, Thank you,


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This project is finished! I would like more details if possible