Share My Creation Amazing Order Taking App : Source For Sale

Hello every one! :)
as always : back at it again and again πŸ˜‰
Starting off by thanking erel for making this possible :)

Today i bring an amazing app : Order Taking APP

The App is built in :
1- B4A
2- (Back-end)
3- Microsoft SQL database
4- Web service

You can use the app for supermarkets, restaurants or any type of business, you can even sell shoes as products !
You can even add promotions !
You can view the order location on google maps
You can control the status of the order
and many other features :)

Demo :
Backend Admin
Back-End Username : Admin
Back-End Password : 123

Android App :

The source code is for sale :)
The sources codes price is : 20$
i know it's very low but i love this community so why not ? ;)

fs-payment1 (1).png

If interested please contact me here or @ : [email protected]






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Beautiful, just what I was looking for, complete and ready, with a few modifications adaptable to all needs. Thanks great job


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Very helpful and professional programmer, truly an excellent product highly recommended

Finally with a few efforts I can create online shops for the management of shopping, home delivery, for use, Pizzeria, supermarket, bar, takeaway etc. a thousand occasions, a thousand uses


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and already nice ready, to be used, for me that I have little time it seems great, and since I joined this forum I wanted to create a similar thing, now and here, and with a few $ ready to be adapted


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It would be useful to see a part of the source, a class or part of it (not of this app in particular but anyway of one of the author); posted, not attached.
maybe he will put a free project with sources to be able to verify his development method, I must say that the code seems well done and well ordered, then I'm not a GURU like you.😁😁😁😁


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The app (?), but he should implement a DB too - what tables should he create? With what relationship between them? What and how the app accesses data on the centralized DB? How concurrency is managed?

It would take me 5 days just to ask these questions πŸ˜„
i love these type of questions :)

The source code contains :

1- Microsoft SQL database as (.bak)
2- back-end (source code)
3- web service
4- B4A project

The releation of the database and the app is managed by the connection of the back-end and the database and the app by using the webservice

The app also uses sqlite to store the data locally :)


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Simple tests

1.- Badget shopping cart


2.- Scrolling items down


3.- duplicate the same item in the shopping cart


4.- the language of the delete dialog.


5.- When you delete a duplicate item, you remove all duplicates.


6.-When removing all items from the shopping cart, the process hangs and shows an application error.




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today they have corrected this problem that I had already reported, try the new apk demo on the cell


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I am creating a package similar to this one and I must say that for the cost I paid I am satisfied. I found some graphic and functional solutions useful, for example the offers above, which I had not foreseen. Furthermore, the server part is quite complete and functional.
So I do my compilements for the initiative.


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We saw the test, we will upload the updated version, your tests really helps us provide better solutions, thank you :)