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Just wondering if anyone knows if you can use a Amazon AWS SSL Certificate with a B4J app?

I am using the Jetty web server in my B4J app, and currently using a Let's Encrypt SSL but it expires every 90 days.

Since my B4J app is going to be hosted on AWS, I was looking at using Amazon SSL.

I am not 100% sure on how to use the AWS SSL Certificate with my B4J app and wondering if anyone else has used it before?

I have a feeling this type of AWS certificate is the wrong type to use with B4J ?



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but it expires every 90 days
You have tools to renew them every 90 days. you get informed a few days before expiring.
Renew them and you are good for another 90 days.
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Easier said than done with Lets Encrypt, even when AWS is not the host - like my own VPS.
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