Share My Creation Amazon Fire, Sideloader & Kodi Uploader

Discussion in 'B4J Share Your Creations' started by aidymp, May 1, 2015.

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  1. aidymp

    aidymp Active Member Licensed User

    AidyMatic! on Fire! v0.05 Beta!


    Adds more useful streaming apps to the powerful Amazon Fire Stick & TV using adb commands you can also upload your WINDOWS kodi configuration, this was initial done by straight copying took about 40 mins for a 600meg kodi setup! but now your Kodi setup is zipped, pushed to the fire, and a companion app is launched on the fire to automatically to unzip it! (only seems to open automatically sometimes) uses the adb shell monkey command! Also when downloaded, it downloads setup files on first run, and i can force a re-download if the files need changing! , its self updating! (based on the code from app updating lib) and uses the Archiver lib to zip, the companion app is small and installed via this app! And its all thanks to Erel and this wonderful language! so thanks Erel!
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