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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by tdocs2, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. tdocs2

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    I downloaded the AmiDuOS emulator in two of my PC's running Windows 8.1. I downloaded the Jellybean version on one PC and the Lollipop version on the other.

    Jellybean - 4.2 DuOS

    This is a stable version. It is great to run real Android applications in a core i7 PC - with a large screen, keyboard and pointing device. Why did Google kill this concept when ASUS brought it into the market a year ago?

    I do not play games on the PC, but I believe every gamer out there plays their Android game in an overclocked core i7 with 32GB RAM and dual 23 inch monitors. I believe that Android has grown up and is ready for complex applications which really do not fit in small screens. I have no idea what or why Google wants to keep Android in tiny environments - the largest Nexus is 9 inches and does not even allow for an SD card.

    All that I can say about DuOS - it works! At this point in time, I do not know if I am rooting for Microsoft or Google to buy them out with the intent of making them succeed and not to squash their efforts.

    You can get the Google apps from third parties - be careful and scan the sites.

    Lollipop - 5.0 DuOS

    This is a BETA - it has issues with IP addresses, running Chrome, and other issues which I reported to AmiDuOS. But it behaves like Lollipop...

    Windows 10

    AmiDuOS says they are working on it. Obviously they only have 2 weeks before the official launch. Can anyone confirm the Windows 10 status on being able to run Android apps?


    The AmiDuOS is by far better than the ARC Welder solution where Google is trying desperately for people to embrace Chromium...

    Any feedback is welcomed.

    Best regards.


    PS: I have edited this post as I have found some issues with DuOS. I do not have that much experience with emulators. I was enthusiastic initially, but I believe that a manufacturer installed Dual Boot would be preferable. I was not looking for a better emulator, but for being able to deploy more complex Android apps in a "full" PC with the protection that Google Play offers.
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  2. Informatix

    Informatix Expert Licensed User

    Thank you for letting us know but what's the added value in comparison to Genymotion (which is free) ?

    EDIT: it does not work under Windows XP/Vista.
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  3. cambopad

    cambopad Active Member Licensed User

    I always used Genymotion as emulator. I will try this to see if it work better and faster than what I am using!
  4. MaFu

    MaFu Well-Known Member Licensed User

    And not to forget: with Genymotion i have a lot of device images and can test my apps with many different screen sizes and environments.
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  5. Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson Active Member Licensed User

    I've just installed the latest version of AMI DuOS on Windows 10 which works with Android 5.1. Seems very flexible and works well with Dual screen PC, including use of touch. I like being able to have it full screen or windowed and to be able to rotate the device. Will definitely shell out for the $15 version after the 30 day trial ends.

    The one drawback of the product that I have found so far is that it does not currently support any App that acts as a network server as clients are unable to see it on the network.
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