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i have updated my anrdoid-26 version to android-28, and updated SDKManager to latest version.

now when i compile my app have this error message :

B4A Versione: 8.50
Analisi del Codice. (0.80s)
Building folders structure. (0.01s)
Compilazione del codice. (1.47s)
Compilazione del codice di layouts (0.36s)
Organizzazione Librerie. (4.50s)
Generazione file R. Error
C:\ANDROID\SVILUPPO\JetDocument\Objects\bin\extra\res14\res\values\values.xml:99: error: Attribute "icon" has already been defined
C:\ANDROID\SVILUPPO\JetDocument\Objects\bin\extra\res14\res\values\values.xml:963: error: Attribute "iconTint" has already been defined
C:\ANDROID\SVILUPPO\JetDocument\Objects\bin\extra\res14\res\values\values.xml:1041: error: Attribute "closeIcon" has already been defined

i have tryed to back to android-26 but cannot compile again.

Peter Simpson

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i have replace this library with https://

and it's woks very well.

I only use that TabStripViewer. You should keep reading through the posts, you will find some nice tricks that can be added by code to make the the tabs look nicer, like highlighting the selected tab text, if you only have 2 tabs then they can be split evenly 50/50 across x-axis etc etc etc.

BTW I have 27.0.1 installed on my development laptop and I still didn't come across the same issues as you did, but saying that I do not use DSTabLayout, only TabStripViewer.
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values.xml:99: error: Attribute "icon" has already been defined
values.xml:963: error: Attribute "iconTint" has already been defined
values.xml:1041: error: Attribute "closeIcon" has already been defined

DesignSupport v3.00
Removing SDK Build-Tools v23 solve problem. Now installed SDK Build-Tools v27.0.3 and SDK Build-Tools v28.0.3

P.S.: sorry for my English)
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