Android Question Android App with strange music over the top???

chris ash

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Hi there

Really sorry about this but this is going to be one of those questions where you think what is this guy on about?

OK so I've written a few games with B4a now, with some success. But I had a user report a problem to me a couple of weeks ago and I was like Nah your talking nonsense. Anyway, I have just been sat playing one of my apps which is a derivative of the app he was playing and low and behold in the background there is some weird music playing.

First thing is that I do not recognize the music. The music seems to always be the same music which just loops around. It sound's like some double bass jazz style music? It does not always come on just sometimes. It starts as I load one activity from another and remains while the app is active.

The reason I know it's the app is as soon as I kill the app in open apps the music stops.

So what I have done it check my files folder for the app, nothing in there that I can see.
The app uses Mediaplayer and Soundpool, and video views.
It uses AdMob (2.00) for banner and interstitial adverts (I mention this as it seems to come on as the banner ads come up. But that is as you load the new activity so may just be a coincidence)

Really sorry to ask such a vague question but I honestly have no idea where this music is coming from does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance