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Franz Peter

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Were can I found and install an Android Emulator?
I have finished the example form the "B4X Getting started"-Document but I can not test it because I have no Emulator (also no Handy which I want to use for the first test).
Franz Peter


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Hi Sagenut,
I have tried both of the versions that you have displayed above. I have started at the bottom of the platform list in the AVD manager deleting them after I try them, installing a new one, and then closing the IDE. Some of the emulators work but they don't display most buttons and no text. When I attempt to click the buttons, they show that they are functioning but no entered characters are displayed, etc. Just for a double-check, I have brought up the app on my S9 Samsung with b4a bridge while my android is plugged in with USB port. No problems with that.
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