Android Question android.test.purchased (Error BM-PPH-01 on Google PlayStore)


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Hi guys im trying to setup a test for my in-app subscription.

I used this code :

    Dim strChoice As String
    Select Case spnUpgrade.SelectedItem
        Case "Two Day"
            strChoice = "two_day_test"
        Case "Monthly Subscription"
            strChoice = "monthly_subscription"
        Case "Three Month Subscription"
            strChoice = "three_month_subscription"
    End Select

I would like to try the test Product ID specifically "android.test.purchased" however if i use "android.test.purchased" i am reeiving error BM-PPH-01 or "Error retrieving information from server".

I already tried clearing cache, reinstalling my playstore app, Checking out my billing address and location but it is still the same.


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Thanks Erel I already followed the recommendations there before i posted here. Like i already setup my address (Philippines) and clearing up caches in Google apps but it still produces the same error.
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