Android whereable preview SDK availiable this week

Peter Simpson

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Hello B4A developers,
Wearable devices, here we come.

So Google Android developers have released a must watch video on YouTube called Introducing Android Wear Developer Preview. They are also releasing a preview SDK this week.

So we will be able to use this new SDK with B4A to develop on wearable devices @Erel , cheers.

I've a couple of really cool ideas for SmartWatch apps, and have been waiting for Google to release their wearable device for over a year.

Moto360_Macro_alt1_with text.jpg

This looks very nice indeed...
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The only problem I see –
At about the 1:20 time point they show college basketball scores, Boston College 62/ Syracuse 59. The scores are reversed :D



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Google did a quite interesting job here.

B4A Wearable Test.png

Currently everything is controlled with notifications on the smartphone. The API is only needed for some special functions like (voice) input. Should be easy to wrap it.

The in my opinion more interesting point is not available in the sdk preview. Writing apps for the wearable device. But in the documentation they say that this will come in the future.

I think Google I/O will be VERY interesting this year.


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Just great another way to take your hands off the wheel while driving